Christi A. Foster

Office Hours by appointment
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Christi will hold office hours on Wednesday, December 26, 2018 for the purpose of collecting end of year tax payments. Hours will be from 9 am - 5 pm


Help to Pay Past Due Property Taxes

The Allegan County Trasurer is taking applications from eligible property owners for help to pay past due property taxes with the Step Forward Michigan Campaign. This federally funded program now allows homeowners to receive up to $30,000 to pay past due property taxes, or taxes and mortgage payments combined. To be eligible, the homeowners must live in their home as a primary residence, demonstrate a significant hardship, and demonstrate that they can sustain the home going forward.

Residents can apply online at or call the hotline at (866) 946-7432. In addition, help is available at the Allegan County Treasurer's office at (269) 673-0260. Tell someone you want to speak with someone about the Step Forward Loan Rescue Program.

Phone: 269-348-8251





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