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An Example: The Importance of Permits

It is often irritating for people to apply for and obtain Construction Permits for things they are doing around their homes. And, frankly, they can often do the work with nobody knowing.

The problem comes when the person doing the work doesn’t know how to do the work. Now I know people can read directions, books, diagrams and even get friends that are “experts” that will help them. That, however, doesn’t always work.

This picture is an example of the installation of a solid fuel burner(wood, pellet, coal, etc.) that was installed by a resident of Valley Township

The wood burner is seen at the bottom of the picture and was housed in a concrete block structure roofed by wood with an improper chimney. The result was a fire that took the roof and started burning the side of the house. These residents were at home at the time and had the fire breached the wall of the house would have been in eminent danger.

The Valley Township Building Department is here to HELP you. If you want to do work around your home you CAN. You have to get permits and have inspections but that is your protection. If you want to do something and you are not completely sure of how to do it CALL BRIAN MAC CARTNYand he will be happy to consult with you and provide guidance that can save you time, money, and keep you safe.




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