Valley Township Road Committee


Harry Smith

Ken McIntyre

Bob Dobbins


The road committee was formed to evaluate and prioritize needs.

We have received resident requests for repaving Taft Road and Nethercutt Pointe. The Allegan Road Commission has sent the following estimates:
Taft Road (1.4 mi.) . . . $279,931.08
Nethercutt Pointe (0.63 mi.) . . . $119,266.50

As you can see from the estimates, it is very costly. Currently the Township receives $67,739.00 from the road millage. Of these monies $25,000 is set aside for the dust control each year. The balance of $42,739.00 is what we have to maintain and improve roads in the Township. At the current rate of revenue income, it would be nearly 7 years to accumulate funds for Taft Road and 3 years for Nethercutt Pointe. Additionally, the cost for roads increases each year. We are at a place in our development where we need to discuss a possible increase in the Road Millage in order to accomplish some projects. The Board will be discussing holding Township meetings to gather input from our residents on this topic. We will need your input. Our Valley Road Committee has produced a road projects priority report. The link to download their current recommendations is below. Please review this report and let us hear your comments.

Please contact Harry Smith with any questions or concerns at 673-5022









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