Fireworks in Valley Township

The Michigan Fireworks Safety Act allows the purchase, possession and use of consumer fireworks. However, use is limited. Please visit the State web site for details.,4601,7-154-35299_42271_59975---,00.html

If you plan on celebrating with fireworks, keep this in mind:

You will be held 100% responsible in the event of a fire. Depending on the fire department responding, the minimum charge by the fire department ranges between $800-$1000 and then hourly after that. Be sure you have water handy to extinguish any embers or in case a fire breaks out.
The Township Noise Ordinance which includes Public Nuisance will be enforced between the hours of 11:00pm and 6:00am

Please respect your neighbors.

Safety Tips from the Allegan County Sheriff

Legal Devices include:

-Flat paper caps containing not more than .25 of a grain of explosive content per cap
-Toy pistols, toy cannons, toy canes, toy trick noise makers, and toy guns in which paper caps are used
-Sparklers containing no more than .0125 pounds of burning portion per sparkler
-Flitter sparklers in paper tubes not exceeding 1/8 inch in diameter
-Cone and cylinder fountains (emits showers of sparks)
-Toy snakes not containing mercury and packed no more than 12 per box -Toy smoke devices
(See 1931 PA 328, as amended, for complete language of the act)






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