FOIA Requests

A person has the right to submit a written request for public record(s) from Valley Township. The request must sufficiently describe the public record to enable the FOIA Coordinator to identify the requested public record.

Costs to the Requester

The following costs incurred in responding to a FOIA request shall be chargeable to each FOIA requester:

•Photocopying charges of 25 cents per page, or if the nature of the duplication necessitates duplication by outside sources, the actual cost of employing such outside sources.

•Cost per page faxed is 1 dollar.

•Labor costs are hourly wages of the lowest paid township employee capable of fulfilling the request for retrieving the information necessary to comply with a request incurred in duplication, mailing, search, examination, review and the deletion and separation of exempt and non-exempt information.

•Actual mailing costs.
Size #10 envelope up to 1 oz, including postage is 58 cents
Each additional ounce is 20 cents
Size 10x13 envelope up to 1 oz, including postage is 1 dollar and 16 cents
Each additional ounce is 20 cents

•The Township may require a deposit in good faith if the cost to produce the request is excessive. In this event, the FOIA Coordinator will notify the requester.

•Actual duplication costs for photographs, videotapes, tape cassettes, maps, plans, or microforms and any other type of medium requested.






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