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Valley Township is looking for any interested residents, ages 18 and older, male or female, and registered to vote, who would be willing to serve in the following positions:

* Board of Appeals
* Citizens Advisory Board
* Board of Review

Board of Appeals is a three member Board. This Board must hear and decide on appeals which deviate from the Township's Zoning ordinance. Its authority can include site plan review, appeal of planned unit development and special land use decisions. It may also grant variances.

Citizens Advisory Board is a five member Board which reviews virtually all of the Township Ordinances, update those that no longer fit the circumstances, and recommend deleting those that no longer fit the Township's standards. They are also asked to better define and/or explain the intent of the ordinances, if required, and correct any errors in spelling, punctuation, words or phrases so that there will be no misunderstanding as to the intent of the ordinance. The Citizen's Advisory Board then turns over the document to the Planning Commission for review before it is presented to the Township Board.

Board of Review meets in March each year to hear taxpayer appeals. A taxpayer may appeal his or her assessed value and/or taxable value. No person can appeal his or her assessment to the tax tribunal unless he or she has first appeared before the board of review.

At the July and December meetings of the board of review, the board may address qualified errors involving property dimensions, size corrections, taxable status.

If you have any interest in any of these committees or have further questions regarding them, do not hesitate to contact Supervisor Ron Remington at 673-5962. If you would like to also submit a letter letting us know of your interest, we will contact you when an opening arises.

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